Banned From Twitch – galletas. Tags: twitch deer girl keem star ferociously steph twitch drama gaming drama gamergate 2 0 NEXT ARTICLE Spencer Dinwiddie Deletes GoFundMe After Raising Just … 2.6k comments. Drama, General News. Share this... Facebook. 14. Eric loves board games, fan conventions, new technology, and his sweet sweet kitties Bruce and Babs. He is a graduate of University of Missouri - Columbia and Vancouver Film School. Close. 90% Upvoted. His favorite Pokémon is Umbreon. While we value their opinions and their right to share them, they are independent actors who will have opinions that aren't shared by either Twitch, Twitch employees, or even by other members of the council.". Ubisoft’s Twitch live channel: , I understand . Sort by. He states clearly and directly that the council members "are not Twitch employees, and they do not speak on Twitch's behalf. Overall, Steph seems to have taken the right lessons for this ordeal. Asmon is mad about forsen's ban. READ NEXT: Woman Gets Stream Sniped By A Hawk, Loses Sandwich. Favorite games include Destiny 2, Kingdom Hearts, Super Metroid, and Prey...but mostly Prey. Sort by. Posted by. Keep in mind that it is a more review blog over a recap blog - so it's posts are a combination of my commentary and highlights of the episode, rather than detailed recaps. After all the drama surrounding the new Twitch Safety Advisory Council, CEO Emmet Shear has released a statement in order to clarify the council's role and Twitch's position on comments made by "Deer Girl" FerociouslySteph. Follow Deer Drama on Blog Stats. Eric Switzer is the Livestream News Editor for TheGamer as well as the lead for VR and Tech. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions, miscommunication and ignorance going on both from the streamers and the chat which I would like to clear up as neutral as possible. Asmongolds take on the new drama about the DEER PepeLaugh. Latest Posts more. ", defend and expand upon her position against in-game voice chat, CohhCarnage Says He's "Flying Solo" On The Twitch Safety Advisory Council Thanks To The Deer Girl Drama, Woman Gets Stream Sniped By A Hawk, Loses Sandwich, Mario Kart Tour Finally Adds Its First Completely Original Course, See How The PS5 And Xbox Series X Stack Up While Playing Borderlands 3, Destiny 2: 5 Exotic Weapons You Should Definitely Upgrade (And 5 You Shouldn't Waste Materials On), CDPR Threatens Streamers That Show Cyberpunk 2077 Early, New Nintendo Switch Update Lets You Send Screenshots/Videos To A Smart Device, Just Cause Creator Announces New Studio "Focused On Open World Action", Fan Accidentally Predicted Final Cyberpunk 2077 Release Date Almost Two Years Ago, Animal Crossing New Horizons: How To Use The Dream Suite (And 5 Addresses To Visit), Nintendo Switch Is On Course To Have The Most Successful Year For A Games Console Since 2010, Rocket League Season 2 Begins December 9, Includes New Music And Player Anthems, You Can Praise The Sun In Cyberpunk 2077's Photo Mode, People Are Buying Pieces Of Paper For Over £700 On eBay To Help Parents Afford PS5 Scalper Prices, Well, At Least You Can Still Play Nier: Automata With Music On Twitch, Destiny 2: Beyond Light Complete Guide And Walkthrough, Fortnite's Galactus Event Peaked At More Than 15 Million Concurrent Players, Pokemon Go Spent All Weekend Teasing A Raid Egg That Turned Out To Be A Huge Letdown, Super Bomberman R Online Is Now Free-To-Play on Google Stadia. There is a type of self-satisfied gloating in some of the "power" clips where Steph can be seen dancing around and bragging about her Twitch endorsement that doesn't sit right with a lot of people, and Steph still hasn't really addressed that issue. CohhCarnage Says He's "Flying Solo" On The Twitch Safety Advisory Council Thanks To The Deer Girl Drama. share. Archived. hide. They will not be involved in any specific cases of streamer moderation or have access to details about cases. Asmongold. September 22, 2020. 6 months ago. Streamer News – Twitch streamer Jinny attacked by wild deer in IRL broadcast . READ NEXT: CohhCarnage Says He's "Flying Solo" On The Twitch Safety Advisory Council Thanks To The Deer Girl Drama. Twitch has recently endorsed controversial trans streamer “FerociouslySteph,” who not only identifies as a trans girl, but as a deer. What's all the drama with the deer and this twitch streamer? report. share. it's disappointing how much the drama has distracted from the true purpose of the council. FerociouslySteph responded to her critics and fellow streamers within the Twitch community yesterday in a series of tweets.
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