Description Inspired to try glass blowing? Martin Andrews's website. We strive to inspire young and old by bringing people together to create community through art. Learn the basic glass blowing skills to create your own colorful pint glass or stemless wine glass. Located in the heart of downtown Louisville, in the Museum Row District, Flame Run offers a one-of-a-kind interactive, artistic experience that brings you up-close to 2000 degree hot glass at the largest privately owned glassblowing studio in the … Glass blowing sessions are available 10/15 – 12/31 during weekdays at 3:00 pm – 6:30 pm, during weekends between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm. We offer the opportunity to have a hands-on glass blowing experience. Sign up to make your own glass Pre-register online or call Guest Services at 740-349-9277. In 2012 we expanded our knowledge by adding a hot glass studio, allowing us to offer glass blowing classes and parties. Experience Glass Blowing at Seattle Glassblowing Studio! A drinking vessel and flower vase is an example of what a … Matt has a portable furnace he will bring to your … We offer classes ranging from 20 minutes to 4 and 6 weeks in length depending on how you want to work with the glass. We also create custom glass art including memorial keepsakes, sculptures, and lighting. Hours By Appointment. Area 253 continues to serve the public and local artisans in their quest to produce art glass. Individual and Group Classes. You will get hands on participation working with the hot molten glass! A Very Unique Experience. Our studio is open to the public so that you and your family can have the chance to blow your own heirloom glass ornament or paperweight. GLASS BLOWING CLASSES. Experience Glass Blowing! Students will become comfortable with glass shop equipment, glass gathering, simple vessel blowing, and safety. • Eye protection must be worn in the hot glass studio (provided by The Works) The Works Glass Studio Release Form. Gregory Tomb Glass brings over 20 years of working with glass to the public with each Gallery & Glassblowing class offered. See glass in its purest form, create it with the help of our instructors, or purchase art already made. Hot Shop & Glass Art Gallery 250 Freeman Street, Decatur, GA 30030. the glassybaby team of shop technicians, operations managers and employees … Years of experience show a master at work who loves the challenge of creating one-of-a-kind commissioned … Come experience the magic of glassblowing at Tacoma Glassblowing Studio. Using traditional glass blowing methods and tools, this ancient craft is brought to life in our working "Glass Blowing Studio". … Portable glass blowing studio . Glass House Xperience has created Canada's first mobile glassblowing studio. Experience glassblowing with your friends, family and colleagues during a one hour “Make Your Own” workshop 0r; take a 4 week Introduction to Glassblowing course. Blow Your Own Glass. Book Now Buy a Gift Certificate Get deeper into the fun of hot glass in our 3 Hour Class. We offer workshops starting at $45, beginning classes, private parties, and team building. Glass Blowing Tools. Demos at GRT Hot Glass Studios: Finally, if your group is interested in a glass blowing demo at GRT each hour of a demo is $4 per person for 20-30 or if you bring 30-80 people it would be $3 per person. Students will gather, shape and blow glass bubbles to make basic forms. Dennis Gardner is the Glass Studio Manager, assisted by Dan Getz, Brian Toseland, Hannah Shine and Ken Shirey. Welcome to Flame Run, where creativity and teamwork fuel our passion for hot glass. No experience necessary. +15 age requirement 2-3 hour session: $350 *Plus ones within your “pod” are allowed. Take a deep dive into solid glass working. It’s a group activity that requires communication, accountability, perseverance, determination, the ability to take charge but also... to let go. Mill City Glass Works is a glass blowing studio located in Lowell, Massachusetts. Mould Blowing: with the Glass Hub Team : On this course we will look at the process of blowing glass into moulds, made of wood, metal and free blowing onto found objects and copper inclusions.
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