Is it as long as I have enough space on my memory card? Since I will be using these bird and insect stills in my hobby video projects, I’ve set the aspect ratio to 16:9 and then in Premiere I simply pull the stills that I like and then incorporate them into my nature vids. Video Mode. I am trying to figure out how to either save in camera all the photos in one shot instead of having to save each one individual. Thanks, Hey Noam, I’m still trying to sort out in my head how the preburst works. I guess the 12fps on the E-M1 has its days numbered. I’m excited to be shooting with Panasonic’s new 4K Photo capable Lumix GH4, it’s 4K Photo mode makes it easy for me to set up my shot, and then shoot short bursts of 4K Video from which I can select the frame that best captures the scene I’ve just filmed. Wouldn’t that be great. That’s why it is so amazing to have the ability to change the aspect ratio on a digital cinema camera to 4:3 or 1:1 for instance, so that various anamorphic lenses can be used much in the same way the were in the film days. The problem with most digital video cameras today, is that they don’t offer the correct aspect ratios needed to utilize most traditional anamorphic lenses. Have you seen the “Portrait Mode” on the GH4 being used by Michael Medgyesi. For instance, it has built-in IBIS, 96MP High-Res Shot mode, unlimited 4K 30p video, 4K 60p video, 10-bit video recording, weather-sealed construction and more. Normally, on your TV, that 4K resolution would be 3840 x 2160 pixels because of the 16:9 aspect, although in some cases you can capture 4K Photos in a different aspect, like 4:3 or 3:2, which are more common to photography. 72. ENGLISH DVQW1023ZA Digital Camera Model No. This could be a game changer for enthusiast birders as they can focus on shooting video and enjoying instead of stressing about grabbing the perfect action shot. Phil. Getting birds and insects in flight has always been a challenge. Not any more. You might be thinking – Can’t I just shoot a 4K video and pull a screen grab from that later? What is 4K Photography? IT really helps a lot as I just purchased a GH4 and an Anamorphot and i’m completely a newbie at this. The Panasonic LX100 costs $899 and is available now. Been itching to take, The Rumored 4K Panasonic AF100 Replacement Is Said To Have Some Amazing Features – Is It Too Good To Be True? Shoot a wedding in 4K and give the couple 50 jpegs for album. Any way around this? For instance, it has built-in IBIS, 96MP High-Res Shot mode, unlimited 4K 30p video, 4K 60p video, 10-bit video recording, weather-sealed construction and more. That’s a great question about the GH4 and if it could be hacked to allow for additional functionality… Not sure if this is possible myself, but I would love to see it! The G9 is designed for photographers so compare with the GH5 it is missing some of the high end video feature such as 10bit 4:2:2, VLOG and HDR codec, waveform display..etc to reduce cost. Great question Harry, and I believe you are correct. It was money well spent. I did an extensive test of 6K photo mode at the fun end of season “pond skim” event at Telluride ski resort. Are you in 24Hz mode? Throughout this post, I’m going to outline exactly what the 4K Photo mode is intended to do, and how it may open up some new possibilities for filmmakers in the future. Hard to pick a favorite PTA fil, Rediscovering the Fuji X100T. I bought it last year. First of all, Thank you so much for putting out this video. Not with this new feature. I hope it isn’t because I do this only as a hobby. For instance if you were to use a 2x anamorphic lens on 35mm motion picture film, you would effectively be capturing a beautiful 2.39:1 widescreen image, which is a cinema standard to this day. That's because it's using 4K video capture to work this magic and then presenting you the option to save the perfect image as a photo. There's 4K gaming, 4K Blu-ray and 4K televisions and yes, that's all about displaying video. The idea with this feature is quite simple – to allow photographers to step into a mode on the camera that will allow them to capture the most amount of frames per second. The downside, of course, is that you're only getting an 8-megapixel photo at the end and that has some limitations if you want to zoom and crop. Hope this helps. Yes, the framerate is an issue and will always be since it is a function of physics and not the camera. Even if you are stabilized, the subject could be moving fast enough to make 1/50 too slow of a shutter. So, for every second of 4K Photo video we record thirty 8-million-pixel images. And on filming, the frame rate must be correlated with the shutter speed. Are you able to set the exposure so that it is set at whatever you want it to be (1/1000th or faster) or are you restricted to the video fps of 30fps? When you consider that the vertical resolution of 4K 16:9 footage is 2160, it’s pretty incredible that you can capture 2336 lines of resolution in 3:2, 2496 in 4:3, and a staggering 2880 in 1:1. Currently, the only frame rates you can shoot with in 4K Photo mode are 30fps and 25fps. The first compact that I would call “exceptional” in almost every respect. Brand: Panasonic ... 4K Photo Mode. Now Scott gets to 4K Pre-Burst, which he considers to be the most exciting 4K Photo mode on the G7 mirrorless camera. When i bring into lightroom it state “Video is not supported in develop” Not sure how you brought in the entire video. If you've heard about 4K before it's likely in terms of video. You can access the 4K Photo menu from down button on the 4-way control pad. This is very important to those of us considering a Panasonic camera to capture the action in ball sports etc. I’ve seen a lot of photographers move over to continuous lighting recently, which might in itself signify a bit of a trend. Page 31: Recording 4K Photos Recording Recording 4K Photos Recording mode: You can select the desired moment from a burst of 4K photos taken at 30 frames/second and save that moment as a picture of approx. Battery life is long, supporting 320 shots without recharging. I haven’t updated my firmware yet and tried it out, but one thing that you didn’t mention that I think is certainly useful (especially for unseasoned shooters such as myself) is that you get EXIF data when shooting in photo mode, no? Have you tried opening the clip in any other software? There is a visible “noise net” living its own life and own “frame rate” when the camera or image moves. Advertisement: **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through … 4K Burst (S/S): This mode most closely follows the 4K video recording process, and allows you to playback your video, pause at the chosen moment, and use the shutter button to mark a chosen frame from the video and save it as a single 8 MP frame. I was wondering if any one has tried taking a video of Bird and then extracting awesome action shots from it. Check it out on Vimeo. I’m sorry about the wait… I actually approve comments manually on these articles since I get a lot of spam, and I always enjoy hearing from the readers so thank you for taking the time to leave your 2 cents! Saving 4k 6K Photos A great tool we have in almost all of our current Lumix cameras is the ability to save 4K/ 6K photos from video footage the cameras Panasonic Lumix cameras have the amazing ability to save 4k and 6k photos, a feature known as 4k and 6K Photo Mode. LUMIX 4K Digital Camera LX10 with 20 Megapixel 1-inch Sensor, 3X 24-72mm F/1.4-2.8 LEICA DC VARIO-SUMMILUX Lens, Tiltable LCD and Lens Control Ring – Black As with most Panasonic cameras, the 4K Ultra HD video technology provides gorgeous and detailed video footage, this time at 30 fps. As mentioned earlier, since 4K shoots in a 30-fps burst, users can snap lower resolution photos at that same frame rate in the 6K Photo and 4K Photo burst modes. Will this happen? Panasonic FZ1000 4K Photo Mode November 21, 2014 / David Hughes. As for the 4K Photo Mode, I do use it a lot for my bird and insect nature videos hobby. Also, very interesting about the HDMI port being disabled in 4K Photo mode… Didn’t know that, so thank you for sharing. It seems that all the selections are done within the camera menu. So, to clear things up, we're diving into 4K Photo to quickly explain exactly what it is and what it isn't. I haven’t updated my firmware yet and tried it out, but one thing that you didn’t mention that I think is certainly useful (especially for unseasoned shooters such as myself) is that you get EXIF data when shooting in photo mode, no? Watch My Full Samsung NX1 4K Video Review + Side By Side Lumix GH4 Comparison Here. A few features you might crave are absent, including an external flash hot shoe and panorama shooting. I have a few more guides in the works as well, which I’ll be sure to keep you posted on. Right now, the only option is to shoot at one of the other two frame rates and conform your footage in post, which will never yield results that are as strong as capturing a native 24p image. Any way, my two cents on the topic. Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by ryan_lensman, Feb 26, 2015. ryan_lensman. The shots that I took (the sunset/grass shot and my dog) were done on a 20mm Lumix pancake lens. HLG Photo mode offers increased dynamic range for improved detail in shadow and highlight regions of the image. Panasonic’s 4K Photo mode works by recording a 4K movie of the whole event which we can later replay in-camera and extract still images from using the back screen. I’ve been trying to work out for a while now how the camera gets the 30 frames prior to hitting the shutter button. 8 million pixels. That shutter is much more suitable for fast motion in 4K photo mode. Discussion in 'Mirrorless Digital Cameras' started by ryan_lensman, Feb 26, 2015. ryan_lensman. I haven’t seen the vide you mentioned, but will definitely check it out! This gives the photographer many more shots to choose from per second of shooting, which can be exceptionally helpful when shooting fast moving subjects (such as animals or other wildlife), or for capturing micro expressions in a human face that may otherwise be missed in between shots on a traditional stills camera. Loop mode will keep deleting the extraneous footage until you tell the camera that you have what you need, and in the end it will ultimately keep your file sizes smaller and workflow simpler. CONS. I did mistake the Website box for a Subject box so maybe that was it? And if you aren’t on the latest Lumix GH4 firmware, it can be downloaded by clicking this link. There's 4K gaming, 4K Blu-ray and 4K televisions and yes, that's all about displaying video. Panasonic … 1. If you've heard about 4K before it's likely in terms of video. We all know that the Canon 5D Mark II essentially started the DSLR revolution by offering high quality video recording in a DSLR, but more recently video cameras have been offering stills functionality to a large degree of success. And while rumours of a new “Cine Lumix” are on the horizon, it seems the S1 still has a trick or two up its sleeve. However, there's plenty of scope for confusion around what it actually is. 4K Photo / 6K Photo burst shooting 96MP High-Res Mode Full-frame cameras are becoming a hit in the mirrorless market - primarily because … It now has a "4K Photo Mode" in the settings, but when I go to turn it on, it says that it will change the overall setting for video, and then a "Yes" or "No" option. This is primarily a stills function… Some cameras (like the RED Epic) will remember the camera settings in a meta-data type format so that you can later adjust the raw settings, but with DSLRs there isn’t really an equivalent… If you want to keep track of your settings for testing purposes, you might want to keep a log, or do a verbal slate at the beginning of each clip stating your settings. 4K Pre-Burst: This mode is ideal for times when you’re unsure of the critical moment to press the shutter button and will record 8 MP images at 30 fps one second prior to and one second after pressing the shutter button in order to give you 60 frames to choose from. 4K Photo Mode. Hi Eli – this would be a great feature to have, however I don’t believe that any DSLR really allows for EXIF data while shooting video. Premium articles, filmmaking tools and access to giveaways all available FREE by signing up for my newsletter below. From Panasonic Lumix ZS-70, popularly known as TZ-90. It certainly gives new meaning to the term, “run and gun.” There are three modes; 4K Burst, Burst Start/Stop and Pre-Burst. Manual Recording. If you are primarily shooting in 16:9, you might be better off simply shooting video footage, since one of the big advantages of the 4K photo mode is that you can use different aspect ratios. Great to hear about how you’re using the photo mode! Hadn’t noticed it myself, but good to know! There is also one additional downside which I find crippling in professional environments: The HDMI port is disabled in Photo4K mode. This is essentially done by distorting the image (or squeezing it), resulting in an image like this straight off of the camera: When the image is then de-squeezed in post, it will look completely proportionate and will have it’s own unique set of characteristics. The 6K30p is a Photo Mode feature only! I have compared noise (video vs 4k photo) with my GH4. I have played with this feature a bit but for me I don’t find it terribly useful. Quick Guide for 4K Photo Press the shutter button to record a 4K photo. However, there are a number of benefits to shooting in 4K photo mode that make it preferable over simply shooting a regular 4K video and pulling screen grabs later. Put simply, 4K Photo mode allows for the extraction of 8.3MP stills from 4K footage shot on Panasonic Lumix cameras. This means no director monitoring and is an absolute deal-killer in most serious studio environments where more than one person needs to see the footage as it is shot. One of the most obvious and simple ways to illustrate this is by considering the fact that at best, most DSLR cameras will shoot photos at 10 frames per second in burst mode. While I am certainly not a camera engineer and wouldn’t claim to know what is or isn’t possible technologically speaking with regards to the GH4, I would say that it isn’t improbable to assume that this issue will be resolved in the future with a firmware update. Shhhh, don't be so negative. This is a video mode where you shoot some 4K footage and take a frame grab from that footage. Can you kindly tell me for a nice 2.35:1 frame, do you recommend shooting in 1:1 or 4:3 when in 4k Photo mode ? The S1 offers a 4K/6K burst shooting mode. Hey Zack – Yes, I am certainly familiar with Vitally’s work. '4K Photo' is the name Panasonic gives the mode, so I used that throughout. With the exclusive lumix 4K PHOTO (~8MP, 30/60 fps) and brand new 6K PHOTO mode (~18MP, 30 fps), simply pause that perfect moment from video to produce printable high-resolution photos. Panasonic clearly understands that photography and video are converging to a certain extent, and wanted to make the most of this trend on their GH4 by adding a 4K photo mode. Essentially, the frame rate will default to 30fps if you are in NTSC mode, and 25fps if you are in PAL mode. Shooting video with the intention of extracting stills opens up a very wide range of possibilities and benefits for certain types of photography. Panasonic’s 4K Photo mode works by recording a 4K movie of the whole event which we can later replay in-camera and extract still images from using the back screen. To record 4K photos, use a UHS Speed Class 3 card. We all know that you need around 1/1000th of a second to freeze fast sports action like someone running and kicking a ball. 1/30th of a second? In the film days, anamorphic lenses would squeeze a widescreen image onto a regular (non-widescreen) piece of 35mm motion picture film, and then when it was projected later on, a special lens was used on the projector to de-squeeze the image. 4k Photo tips If this is due to the way the HDMI protocol carries additional vertical pixels, this may not be something that can be solved entirely in a firmware update. Allowing a faster shutter speed to be set, the camera still captures video at 30 frames per second but now with virtually no motion blur. This is astonishingly quick, and as is the case when using the 4K/6K Photo modes, an icon appears on the image in playback to show that it was taken in high-res mode. Panasonic have announced a firmware update for the GH-4 compact system camera which will enhance the performance and controllability of the camera and feature a new 4K Photo Mode. If I violated a guideline, please let me know as I do enjoy your site and may comment from time to time. Great tip Jesse, and I appreciate you sharing it here. The 4K resolution of the movie clip makes every frame 3328×2496 pixels – a total of 8,306,688 pixels, or 8.3MP. Great points Vesku! By utilizing the Panasonic ZS100's 4K Photo mode, you can capture 8-megapixel "4K" images at up to 30fps. I know I’m extremely late to the party here, but I’m just starting to play around with 4K photo on the GH4. From Panasonic Lumix ZS-70, popularly known as TZ-90. I enjoy your posts. When 4K Photo Mode is selected the camera actually shoots video in MP4 format but it’s possible to extract the 8Mp jpegs in-camera in playback mode. Select one of the three modes, make sure you’ve already chosen your preferred aspect ratio, and press the shutter button when you’re ready to record. DOH!! Great article. NR -5 with 4k photo looks like there is not at all NR. Source 1: The camera has 4k 60p in video (10bit 4:2:2) and 4K photo mode. In 4K photo burst mode, you can shoot images at 30 fps. With Pre-Burst, you only press the shutter button at when the moment you want to capture happens. I’m new to 4k and I am about to purchase a Panasonic FZ300 which features the 4k photo mode with preburst. Great point, Matthew. I just updated the firmware in my Gh4 to Version 2.1. Thanks for sharing. I am glad that i will have the 3:2 frame now. Is the camera constantly recording a loop which doesn’t get recorded onto the SD card?
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