If I do hit a fade with these, I generally need one extra club to get home. I also really like the GRT (gradual roll technology) of the woods. It’s bloody hard to chase down information/reviews on component clubs. Great shafts! Summary - I tried the component club option and obviously, it's not something that I would recommend. Sterling Single Length Irons – Clubhead $ 85.00; Wishon 575 MMC Forged Irons – Clubhead $ 85.00; Wishon 565 MC Forged Milled Cavity Irons – Clubhead $ 85.00; Sterling Single Length Hybrid – … My handicap went from a 6 to a 4 last year and I have to believe it was because I have very good irons that were fit properly for me. As a way of introduction, I have been playing golf for more than 40 years and outside of using Tommy Armour 845's when they first came out, I have played with forged clubs. tom wishon golf clubs reviews, tom wishon golf reviews, tom wishon irons review, tom wishon price list , tom wishon reviews, wishon 770cfe, wishon golf club reviews, wishon golf clubs, wishon golf clubs for sale, wishon golf prices, wishon golf reviews, wishon irons review. The 771's are made to be bent to spec. He gives excellent customer service, is very knowledgeable, and cares about the product you will receive. Ever since the late 80’s and their gain in popularity and pro shop owners not happy with their profit margins on name brand clubs began selling clone golf clubs…golfers have al… for allowing the forging process to pack the steel tighter and improve grain structure and reduce internal voids On the 550c irons. Have had set for @ 9 months now and handicap has fallen from 14.7 to 11.7 with more to come ! I have been playing a set of Hogan radials and felt that a blade would be ideal for getting me into the 70's (I … My intent was to get some more name brand irons but was impressed with the look of the 555C and so I gave them a shot. done to compress the steel tighter in the head and to help reduce the amount of grinding that is required If you want Wishon's, talk to Shane. The irons-these are setup at 8-iron length with Wishon S2S White graphite in stiff, midsize grips, 4-SW. Quote; Ping G30 Taylormade M2 3W Rocketballz 4 hybrid Mizuno JPX850 Forged 4-PW Maltby M series 50,54 & 58 wedges Odyssey DF. Advanced Members; 0 533 posts; Feedback. Consistent performance in distance and increased ability to shape shots relative to prior cavity irons. RRP: £75. When I did, it did not have the nice buttery feel of a forged club. Ending Today at 12:57PM PST 10h 32m. The idea being with every club being the same weight and length you get exactly the same feel and confidence as you usually would standing over a 7 or 8 iron. 1-48 of 208 Results. PCF Micro Pro Wedges; PCF Micro WS; Micro-Groove HM; Specialty Sets. I just received the new Tom Wishon Golf Technology 2010 catalog and I think Tom hit a huge home run with the 431SS iron offering they call the 979SS. Not to mention his extremely competitive pricing. Home. Tom Wishon, my favorite golf club designer and one of the best in the business, has come up with what he says is the industry’s first cavity to muscle back mixed set, with each progressively different back shape created by precision CNC Machining. 771CSI Carbon Steel Irons. Remove Irons Irons (1) Brand. Callaway's new driving iron goes up against SIM … Jaacob is a Professional Golfer who was an average-length hitting 14-handicap computer engineer. Those who are familiar with Tom Wishon know that he is one of the most knowledgeable club designers in the industry who has created more original golf clubhead designs than any other person in the 500-year history of the game, and Tom himself claimed the Sterling Single … I hit a driver about 230 yards and my 7 iron about 150 tops. Obviously if you are not hitting the ball well, you should not be reviewing irons. Link to post Share on other sites. Features: Enabled by the new 2-piece hollow body design, the Center of Gravity moves progressively through the set from lowest and most rear located on the #5 iron to … GolfWRX Writer of the Month: … Rich Douglas 11 Posted May 30. Shane's advice was invaluable, and I am now the proud owner of a beautiful set of irons. Unregistered; 0 296 posts; Feedback . Home. The 771's are made to be bent to spec. Search by Keyword. Wishon Golf’s new Sterling Single Length Irons tested - Duration: 5 ... Cobra One Length Irons Review By Golfalot - Duration: 6:35. My previous 3 sets of irons have been Ping and while there are some small differences that I miss from those irons, I'm overall more impressed with the TW 555C once they were fit and the small adjustments were done in the second fitting. my 4-7 cavity backs. With MOI though, it's like all the clubs are my favourite! Members. Wishon Irons Reviews; Wishon Irons Reviews. Those who are familiar with Tom Wishon know that he is one of the most knowledgeable club designers in the industry who has created more original golf … First set of forged irons so no true comparible. I'm glad I did. Share Followers 0. Wishon Irons Reviews; Wishon Irons Reviews. Both of them are great clubs too, but the Wishon 550C irons work better for me. Then in 2003 Jaacob quit his job, took his savings and moved … TG Rating Owners' Rating; TG Rating 4 out of 5: 0 out of 5: Tech: One of the very first single length irons available. For components... you will find his some of the best. roadbikereview.com | Notable Members; Current Visitors; … These clubs feel every bit as good as the Titleist 690M when hit good and I was very surpised at how forgiving these clubs are on a mis-hit. I also play a Maltby 3 hybrid, but want to give the Wishon 331H hybrid … But one you’ve never seen put through a test like we will today . Reviews There are no reviews yet. Best described as workable irons that inpire confidence at address and are easy to flight the ball. Tom Wishon's 575 MMC irons. The only element that is different within single length clubs are the loft angles, to enable the single length … dawgfan03 0 Posted March 1, 2014. dawgfan03. Specs. These clubs are very accurate and very easy to hit for a cavity-back golf head. The "tour grind" sole makes it easy to rip through the turf. Time: ending soonest; Time: newly listed; Price + Shipping: lowest first; Price + Shipping: highest first; Distance: nearest first; View: Gallery View. The feel of these irons is anything but harsh, only Mizuno comes close to the feeling of hitting a pure Wishon 550 iron. Don't let one bad reviewer dissuade you from purchasing these. By dawgfan03, March 1, 2014 in Equipment. So to improve consistency in the low-lofted irons, they decided on 36.5 inches, knowing they’d be sacrificing 4-7 mph of ball speed, thus relying on Wishon’s design expertise to make up the loss of … Quick Links. I would have to believe he was not swinging as well as he is capable. Irons: Wishon EQ1-NX Single Length 5I-SW (UST Mamiya Recoil 780 ES “S” Flex 86 grams) LW: Callaway Mack Daddy Putter: Bloodline (center-shafted mallet) Ball: Snell MTB Link to post Share on other sites. I try and have my irons checked and adjusted at least once a year. Wishon NEW 979SS Irons - WOW for GII's Feb 11, 2010, 04:12 PM I just received the new Tom Wishon Golf Technology 2010 catalog and I think Tom hit a huge home run with the 431SS iron offering they call the 979SS. carreview.com | G.Review 0 Posted April 25, 2011. Give these a try if you get a chance. The best-known Titliest drivers are the TS drivers, which wer... World number 1 Dustin Johnson capped off of what must be called a car... Collin Morikawa continues to break records as the 23 year old claimed... Michael Joseph is a golf industry professional in New Jersey. All; Auction; Buy It Now; Sort: Best Match. Tom Wishon Tom Wishon is a 40-year veteran of the golf equipment industry specializing in club head design, shaft performance analysis and club fitting research and development.
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