A selection of edible Alliums for your gardens. Allium moly is known as Golden Garlic or Lily Leek. Stratification: WS4+CS4. The young foliage can be used in place of chives. Add to cart. Allium Moly. allium moly “Jeannine” with sedum “Angelina” and a few perovskia seedlings. Fireworks alliums are a blend of white, purple and yellow flowered plants about 18 inches tall with clusters of dangling flowers. Allium, commonly referred to as ornamental onions, are bulbous herbs that are characterized by their onion or garlic odor originating from their long, basal foliage.The genus contains hundreds of species and include the ornamental ones plus the garlic and onions we grow for food. See below Description. Quick View. Autumn-flowering species A. chinense, A. thunbergii and A. virgunculae var. If you are unsure of the planting depth Holland Bulb Farms lists the planting depth on all of the allium bulb packages they sell. The adults lay their eggs in the spring and fall. You need a distance of about 25cm between large ornamental onions, but for the smaller varieties, such as Allium moly, just 5 … Allium 'Mount Everest': Bears tennis-ball sized clusters of white petals. Allium cernuum,the nodding onion. Overview. Allium moly. The allium leafminer (Phytomyza gymnostoma) is an awful pest for people growing edible alliums. The late May bloom is a burst of sunshine regardless of what the heavens are doing. Alliums that are low growing with loose clusters of flowers include Allium moly( yellow), Allium neapolitanum( white) and Allium Ostrowskianum (pink). Allium Bulbs. $5.95. Allium moly, a foot-tall yellow ornamental onion, doesn’t have the baseball-or-bigger heads of some of its more dramatic purple cousins. Allium Sphaerocephalon. Allium sativum is more commonly known by the name Garlic. 15 - … These plants are also excellent wildlife plants attracting a range of beneficial organisms to the garden and can play a role in deterring pests in the garden. Plant Height (Inches): 6 to 9 Plant Spread (Inches): 6 to 9 Time of Bloom: Summer Flower Details: Yellow Leaf Foliage: Green Fruit: Golden garlic, also called moly garlic, is an allium bulb plant that offers bright, long-lasting yellow flowers on tall stalks. They are commonly known as the spring onion. Allium fistulosum, the welsh onion, with edible leaves and small bubls. Allium Moly or Golden Garlic is a hardy perennial. Allium cepa, which are tree onion, makes good flavors in cooking and for pickling. Allium Nutans (Purple Garlic Chives) Allium. Allium sphaerocephalon NC State University and N.C. A&T State University work in tandem, along with federal, state and local governments, to form a strategic partnership called N.C. Allium rosenbachianum : Offers 4-inch-wide globes of purple flowers. Allium roseum, commonly called rosy garlic, is an edible, Old World species of wild garlic. What are alliums? The flowers are a very pretty pink and white in bunches over dark, strap like leaves. Hardy to -15°C. Allium Tuberosum Bulbs | Garlic Chives | Chinese Chives | Edible Garlic Chives Do you ever fret over whether to plant something "useful" like an edible, or something ornamental in limited space? For the ornamental grower, they mostly cause surface damage. The edible alliums include onions, garlic, leeks and chives, while the ornamentals are valued for their round inflorescences of flowers atop leafless stocks. This species is an easy to grow member of the Amaryllidaceae family, producing a compact bulb … Choose From: Aflatuense - Bulb Size 10/12 (5 bulbs per pack) Atropurpureum - Bulb Size 10+ (5 bulbs per pack) Caeruleum - Bulb Size 4/- (10 bulbs per pack) Ideal for naturalising where it will spread over the years to for beautiful delicate drifts of colour in May. Native Americans in California and Oregon ate the bulbs. Has green leaves with bright yellow long lasting flowers. Scientific Name: Allium moly Common Name: Yellow Garlic Jeannine, Yellow Garlic, Golden Garlic, Lily Leek. Growing Zone: USA: 3 to 9 Life Cycle / Plant Type: Herbaceous, Perennial Plant Details. Allium. Allium is a genus of monocotyledonous flowering plants that includes the cultivated onion, garlic, scallion, shallot and leek as well as chives and hundreds of other wild species..